Over the last 30 years I have been a marketing manager, research directorconsultant and copywriter.

Spanning these roles has been a love of writing and the crafting of words. I enjoy trying to put down on a page (or screen) words that successfully speak from a business to its audience. I strongly believe that despite living in a society where image appears all, words remain important and powerful.

I have worked on brands as large as Proctor & Gamble, BT and Hersheys, and as small as a one man band. I have worked across myriad industries including Social Care, Education, Food & Drink, Design, Telecoms, Banking, Cosmetics, Accountancy, Electronics and Pharmacy – what connects them all is companies wanting to put messages in front of their customers in a distinctive way. My job is to create language that connects other people to you. Every business has its own story to tell, its own tone of voice to find. My job is to help you define what that should be.

When not writing for other people, I write for myself. I also cook and remain optimistic that one day I will complete writing the recipe book that, like my cooking, is still a work in progress.